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Forces Online Members is the official membership website of Forces Online which is a cross-border armed forces veteran's charity.  The general about us information can be found on the main charity website at https://www.forcesonline.org.uk 

The purpose of the membership site is to provide a central administrative area for the various membership connections to the charity and explain what each one does.


  •  Full Membership This membership is made up of the Forces Online Trustees and officials of the organisation.  It is linked to our official membership register which is required by the charity commission.  A copy of the register can be seen HERE (Coming Soon). The Trustees and Officials meet on a monthly basis to discuss and manage all aspects of the day-to-day work of the charity at local and national level. Membership is by invite only and you must be working in either a Trustee or Official capacity with the charity.

  • Individual Affiliate Member This membership is made up of individual supporters who wish to associate with  Forces Online and the armed forces community to help us support armed forces veterans and their families and dependents wherever we can.  It is made up of donors and individual fundraisers spreading an awareness of the work of Forces Online and people who want to stay connected with other like-minded individuals for networking or general support.  You can come from any background or group, and even belong to other organisations.  There will be some individual affiliate member perks announced in the near future.  Individual Affiliate Memberships can also include families.


  • Agency Affiliate Membership This membership is for non-profit or charities that want to be a referral partner to Forces Online.  There are no conditions attached to the membership, but we ask you to promote our services if  we have provided any support to your organisation or beneficiaries either directly of indirectly. (See our Trust Pilot Link below).  Often helping veterans and their families through hard times can be very challenging.  It can be made much easier if organisations work together and support each other.  Referral Partners can be made up of organisations large and small, just starting out or a veteran in their field.  Our main charitable aim is to help armed forces veterans and their families wherever we can. We do this often with little reward or recognition. Our services are free to armed forces organisations and external organisations who work with veterans, their families and dependents.  Our referral partners can list in the Veterans Directory for free from within your membership area.

  • Trade Affiliate Membership This membership is for profit making organisations and business that want to support the work of Forces Online.  In return for a small monthly donation you can be added to the trade section of the veterans directory and have a 1000 x 200 px banner floating around all of our sites except welfare. You will also be entitled to some free advertising posts to our social media networks.  Our work to support veterans, their families and dependents is a free service but costs money to run the information and support services, and so every penny made from advertising is gratefully received.   In order to set-up a Trade Affiliate Membership you must be able to prove you are a registered or legitimate business.


Veterans Support Alliance  Forces Online uses a recording system using The Forces Online CRS1.  For smaller organisations that would like to work collabortively with Forces Online they can apply to become a Welfare Support Affiliate.  The process takes around 6 weeks whilst we fully conduct checks relating to your organisation.  There are various access levels to CRS1 and this will be decided in the checks phase of the application.  In the first instance you will need to make an appointment to meet our membership administration team in the VirtualHub

Some of the conditions attached to joining Forces Online as a Veterans Support Alliance are:

  • You will need to be a registered organisation with a board of directors or trustees in place. Consideration will be offered to serious supporting social media groups.

  • You must show that you are set-up to support Armed Forces Veterans, their families and dependents.

  • You will need to agree to undertake the required training with the system.

  • You must be willing to work collaboratively with Forces Online and our Welfare Team.

  • You must be willing to sign a full confidentiality agreement.

This opportunity is for smaller organisations that fall outside the Scope of COBSEO's collaborative CMS2 system.
Further details can HERE


Members Banners Ad donations are used to supplement the information & service websites.  The services provided by Forces Online are FREE to armed forces veterans, their families and dependents, and costs the organisation for this provision.

Banner Ads come in three types and are available to Agency Affiliates and Trade Affiliates as follows:

  • Agency Affiliates (non-profits) is just £1.00 a month or free if you are willing to advertise our online service on their website.  If donating this can be donated monthly or a year for £10.00 (Saving £2.00)

  • Trade Affiliate (profit making) is £10.00 a month.  This can be donated monthly or a year for £100.00 (Saving £20.00).

The banner requests can be setup in the membership accounts which are free.

Call 0300 300 2288 or send your contact details through our live chat system.

Members Banner Ads - Find out more HERE