VSA (Veterans Support Alliance)

As an organisation we have been supporting armed forces veterans, their families, and dependents since September 2013.  Initially starting out as a Social Media group with a small website, then through our Community Interest Company years across the whole of the U.K. from February 2016. 

Moving onto our charity registrations starting in England & Wales Registration Number 1188955, and January 2021 in Scotland charity registration SC050678, we know a bit out supporting veterans’ hardship and mental health, and doing whatever it takes with everything in between.

Now for the first time we are gearing up to introduce associate working for smaller organisation and social media groups that have the same ethos as us.


Our newly created Veteran's Support Alliance project via our Membership  has extended the organisation to include cooperative working relationships with individuals, smaller organisations and social media groups that work tirelessly to help veteerans, their families and dependendents.  Often in their own right, they find it hard to work with the larger organisations that promote their services in a way that makes it difficult to work alongside and hard to arrange funding.

When you are small, short of the necessary resources and network capability, it is a daunting task to keep up the momentum and belief that what you are doing is effective.

We have found from our own personal experience that the larger Charities look after themselves, sitting on piles of cash, and closing and making their services more restrictive to us. There are many small veterans organisations and groups that have been saying for a long time that a cooperative is needed.

The Veterans Support Allience Project is not about us  having control its about the resource provision to run it.  Imagine if we all got together with a smart system to look after our own and cut rhrough all the surrounding red tape which seems to retrict funding and increase support waiting times.

The benefits of the Veterans Support Alliance Project are:

  • All organisations keep their own identity.

  • No expensive fees

  • Fully Transparent Application process.

  • Control systems accessibe to all to avoid duplication.

  • Full tecnical backup (over 30 years experience)

  • Cooperative working with tried and tested systems.

  • Fast referral responses aiming to reduce waiting lists where putting veterans first is paramount.

  • Research and further development included all assiate members.

  • Equal share of all decision making.